Starting the new year out with a bang, I’m thoroughly tickled to be working on Sense and Sensibility at Lyric Arts!

Directed by Natalie Novacek, the play is written by Kate Hamill, who’s name you might be seeing just about everywhere these days. Her adaptations of Pride and Prejudice and Little Women are also popping up left and right, and for good reason! Feeling like a new and hip contemporary play, while retaining all the charm and elegance of Regency era Britain, the story is utterly delightful. (I mean, that’s my experience with S&S at least!)

As for my part, I get to play Edward Ferrars, who just happens to be the most promising, young bachelor in the country. While I’ve never seen the acclaimed Emma Thompson movie, I’ve given in to describing myself to others as, “The Hugh Grant character”. Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em…

But what I have seen is the other acclaimed Jane Austen movie, the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth from 1995. Now that is a wonderful adaptation and is what first made me pretty excited to start my own journey with Jane. That and the chance to wear some fancy pantsy costumes…

… which will be considerably more than everyone’s favorite Mr. Darcy…

So what is lacking here? I get the chance to perform in something hilarious and heartfelt, while being totally transported to another time in history. It’s literally everything I love about being actor. Not to mention, the cast and crew I’m a part of can’t be beat. I’ve lost count how many times rehearsal has been derailed because we can’t stop laughing… I mean, that’s what you want in a room since that chemistry will probably spill over into performances.

… But still less clothes than George IV, also known as the Prince Regent, when he effectively served as monarch in the stead of his father, the mad King George III.
You’re welcome.

Lyric Arts, by the way, is known for their audiences. At least, that’s what I’ve noticed at the shows I’ve attended. Packed and raucous houses, full of people wanting a good show. I have no doubt that’s what we’ll deliver next February 15 – March 3. So don your bonnets and put on your Wellies, and enjoy Sense and Sensibility!

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