Mischief Tales, a film and theatre production company, is premiering a new web series this fall from New York based comedy duo, Chill Grill Comedy. The series is called Special Report but it’s unlike any news program you’ve ever seen before.

While every episode may begin as your typical nightly news show, hosted by the Chill Grills themselves – Helena Farhi and Deirdre Manning – it doesn’t take long until the typical talk about current events veers wildly off track into bizarre segments that may or may not have anything to do with the 24-hour news cycle. Crying ghost roommates, pumpkin butter from hell and passionate arguments over Frank Sinatra tunes are all features of Special Report.

“We would’ve never written something like that in non-COVID times and while we didn’t want to make a comedy show about the pandemic, but I think it’s very much of the pandemic, simply because of the resource scarcity. It’s almost theatrical in a lot of ways…”

Deirdre Manning, Chill Grill Comedy

If you’re willing to wrap your mind around the shenanigans, the absurdist satire offers high rewards. Fortunately, Deirdre Manning and Helena Farhi make it an easy ride with their sharp comedic acumen. The pair are established actors, writers and producers and have been making comedy in New York City for years under the name Chill Grill Comedy. Their Instagram account, @chillgrillcomedy, is where you can keep up with their ever-growing brand and laugh at past content.

Show creators, Deirdre Manning (left) and Helena Farhi (right), on a break during production of Special Report.

Special Report happens to be a special project and their first into the medium of web series, which is where Mischief Tales is able to provide the financial backing to make the show possible. By combining resources and aptitudes for artistry, both companies are thrilled by the collaboration and chance to bring a project like this to folks in need of a laugh.

Special Report will be released in eight episodes via Mischief Tales on YouTube and Facebook, between now and December 17. Click here and subscribe to the official YouTube channel and here for the official Facebook page. You can also follow @mischieftales and @chillgrillcomedy on Instagram for alerts and exclusive behind the scenes photos/trailers.

Special Report is produced by Mischief Tales and created by Chill Grill Comedy. Written, directed and starring Helena Farhi and Deirdre Manning with featured actor Steven Czajkowski.

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