Get it? See what I did there with the title? It’s probably my best headline ever and the only way I could truly promote the production of my play, Frankenstein, by Oklahoma City’s 3rd Act Theatre Company.

Running from September 11 – 28, with a special livestream performance, the show features three actors playing Victor Frankenstein, the Monster, Elizabeth and a multitude of smaller characters. Fast paced, with just the right balance of melodrama and humor, the script has proven to be a success with smaller theatre companies over the past few years. 3rd Act Theatre is actually the third theatre to pick it up in four years (not coincidentally during the fall) and for that, I am extremely grateful. You can read about the play on my New Play Exchange profile.

Writing this adaptation was certainly a passion project and it took a village to get it just right. Hampstead Stage Company was that village, led steadfastly by artistic director Jay Pastucha. Check out his current work with Oil Lamp Theater in Chicago, where he continues to bring intimate stories to the stage.

As for this most recent incarnation of Frankenstein, HUGE props to the cast and crew for bringing it to life. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to OKC, but I caught the livestream and loved every second of it. Each actor invested in the very real emotional truths of each character and along with the wickedly inventive lighting/sound effects, really brought the story together. Obviously, Frankenstein, is a classic for the ages but I really thought 3rd Act Theatre left their own unique mark on the tale and I look forward to the rest of their season.

Peter Fischaber as the Monster and Ford Filson as Victor in Frankenstein at 3rd Act Theatre Company.

by Vincent S. Hannam

Directed by Dakota Lee Bryant
Featuring Kat Adams, Ford Filson, Peter Fischaber

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