I’m happy to say that my play The Midnight Hour: A Superhero Noir is being presented at the Rogue Theater Festival in New York City. What makes me so happy is that this play has found new life in the virtual realm; The Midnight Hour was my first play ever produced, back in 2008. I was a high school senior and thanks to my theatre program, was afforded the opportunity to write and stage a show. Naturally (with a lot of help) I poured a love of sci-fi, superheroes, and film noir into one story.

Since then I have continued tinkering with the script, stripping away a lot of clunky dialogue and cliché moments (hey, I was seventeen). Now it may still contain campy moments, but my hope is that it’s intentionally campy… at least that’s my hope!

The story remains largely the same though, about a masked vigilante in 1948 Los Angeles. By day, The Midnight Phantom, works as an negotiator for the criminal underworld. Not only is he personally keeping tabs on the bad guys, but provides intel to his own Commissioner Gordon. But this cozy set-up is forever rocked by the appearance of a time-travelling crime boss. Who is also an android.

Overall the play is a fun blend of Batman comics, Blade Runner, and The Maltese Falcon. If this sounds up your alley, then check it out!

It will be presented virtually June 3 – July 3; your tickets are good for anytime in that span. Tickets can be snagged here https://www.showtix4u.com/event-details/65363

Presented virtually at the Rogue Theater Festival, NYC

By Vincent S. Hannam
Directed by Penelope Parsons-Lord

Derek Dirlam
Rachel Linder
Eduardo Rivera
Vincent Hannam
Cypher Mazzitello
Nicole Pellini

Costumes by Krista Weiss
Video Production by Will Hanson, Caitlin Hammel
Poster by Max Hannam

Associate Producers:
Max Hannam, Vincent S. Hannam,
Armando Rivera & Mike Swan
A Mischief Tales Production
© 2022

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