Sharknami: The Musical? has been included on the Orlando Sentinel‘s list of “2023 Orlando Arts Events: 6 Highlights to Check Out”. Whatta honor!

The show plays in June at Valencia College Theater, so you know I’ll be there. Thank you Matt Palm for the kind words; thank you Tad Ingram, Deirdre Manning, and John DeLisa for your writing prowess; and thanks to the OG cast, crew, and production team who first brought the story to life!

Excerpt, by Matthew J. Palm:

“Vincent Hannam’s entertaining story brings together a lot of the genre’s stock characters — the crusty old man, the hot jock, the sexy ingénue, etc. — and turns them loose. John DeLisa’s music is catchy, and Deirdre Manning’s lyrics are appropriately comic.”

Sharknami: The Musical? Orlando Fringe. Directed by Tad Ingram (2014)

Info can be found at the Valencia College Theater website, or this site also has it laid out: Orlando At Play

Full article from the Orlando Sentinel here.

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