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Full Length Plays

FRANKENSTEIN. (4-10 actors; flexible casting; full length) The story of Victor Frankenstein’s blind ambition to solve the mysteries of life and death as well as The Monster’s desire for love and understanding. Caught between these destructive forces is the strong-willed, yet doomed, Elizabeth. One act/two-hander adaptation available upon request.

SHARKNAMI: THE MUSICAL? (ensemble cast; flexible casting; 60-90 minutes) Everyone’s favorite shark and natural disaster combo comes to life in this musical parody that answers the life-long question, what happens when sharks start raining from the sky? Music by John DeLisa and lyrics by Deirdre Manning. 

THE DEVIL’S OUTLAWS. (7-12 actors; full length; horror-western) Three Civil War veterans, of different races and allegiances, head west to start new lives but must first reconcile their differences to save themselves from the evil spirits after their souls. 

WOLFSBLOOD. (3f, 3m; int.; full length) Two women seek connection following the tragic death of a family member, but must first uncover the dark mystery behind it all in this Gothic family drama.

LOOKING FOR FUN(BAGS). (2f, 2m; int.; comedy; full length) A misguided man wishes to reconnect with his lost love and asks her to coffee. She agrees, but things soon unravel when lies, deceit and vulgarities are revealed in this tale of love and friendship. Published script now available; contact for more info.

THE MIDNIGHT HOUR: A SUPERHERO NOIR. (Drama; 3f, 6m; science fiction) Los Angeles, 1948. The top negotiator for the criminal underworld moonlights as the masked vigilante, The Midnight Phantom, while solving the mystery behind his partner’s murder. Clues are unraveled and loyalties tested when an evil android arrives from the future, determined to destroy the Phantom and all of humanity.

Short Plays

THE DEVIL’S RIGHT HAND. (1f, 1m; int.; 10 minute) Despite his mother’s wishes, a young cowboy believes he is old enough to take his gun to town, culminating in a lesson learned the hard way. Based on the song, “Don’t Take Your Guns to Town” by Johnny Cash.

U.S. GRANT & LINCOLN LOG. (2m, 1f; 10 minute) Presidents Lincoln and Grant walk through Central Park and must come to terms with the meaning of history, legacy and friendship.

JAY & JULIA. (1f, 2m; int.; 10 minute) Two young blue jays must reconcile their marriage in the wake of a tragic loss. 

TRUST THE CADEJO. (6 actors; flexible casting; 10 minute) A group of kids are confronted by an evil spirit and must put their trust in the legendary El Cadejo – the spirit dog – who will protect them. 

THE OASIS. (2m, 1f; int.; 10 minute) A post-apocalyptic wasteland where water is scarce, the sun is dangerously hot and the camp leader harbors a dark secret. Radio adaptation also available.

Vincent has also contributed blogs for Park Square Theatre in St. Paul, Minn. and the satirical Hackstage. He is also a writer-in-residence for Mischief Tales. Check out his full profile here at the New Play Exchange.

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