Full Length Plays:

  • Frankenstein. Hampstead Stage Company – Concord, New Hampshire/ national tour; 3rd Act Theatre – Oklahoma City, OK; River Company – Damariscotta, Maine
  • Looking for Fun(Bags). Minnesota Fringe Festival – Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Sharknami: The Musical? With Deirdre Manning and John DeLisa. Orlando International Fringe Festival – Orlando, Florida.
  • The Midnight Hour. Mischief Tales. Gateway High School – Kissimmee, Florida.

One Act Plays:

  • The Greatest American. Mischief Tales. St. Cloud Independence Day Festival – St. Cloud, Florida.
  • Our Great Declaration. With Armando Rivera. Mischief Tales. St. Cloud Independence Day Festival – St. Cloud, Florida.

Ten Minute Plays:

  • Looking for Fun(Bags). Bad Theater Fest – New York City
  • U.S. Grant and Lincoln Log. Wealhouse Night of 10 Minute Plays. Commonweal Theatre – Lanesboro, Minnesota.
  • Jay & Julia. In Heart Theatre – Rochester, Minnesota.
  • The Oasis. Small Fish Radio Theatre. Chicago, Illinois.

Vincent has also contributed blogs for Park Square Theatre in St. Paul, Minn. and the satirical Hackstage. He is also a writer-in-residence for Mischief Tales. Check out his full profile here at the New Play Exchange.

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