OUR TOWN – Heartwood Regional Theater Company

  • Vincent Hannam, as George, is a find. He persuasively plays a dreamy, naive adolescent living in 1900s rural New England, without resorting to condescension. He is uncertain and awkward and utterly charming… The final scene, with Hannam leaning on Experience’s gravestone, is heartbreaking with his understated grief.” – Lincoln County News
  • “Grace Experience and Vincent Hannam are so very talented, and so very right for the roles of Emily and George… Hannam is so incredibly, well, adorable, as a young man falling in love with the girl (practically) next door. He is eager, charming. Hannam and Experience are a delight to watch and be part of their courtship … you feel and see the awkwardness, the anticipation and slight nervousness right from the first act…” – Boothbay Register
  • George is played genuinely by actor Vincent Hannam.” – Coastal Journal

ROMEO AND JULIET – Mission Theatre Company

  • Romeo (Vincent Hannam) moves from lovesick to giddy to enraged and violent, giving him a wide emotional trajectory and vibrance… Both Hannam and McHugh wonderfully capture what it looks like and feels like to suddenly fall in love with someone.”- The Room Where It Happens
  • “The strong young cast is led by Bethany McHugh and Vincent Hannam (reminiscent of a young T.R. Knight), who make a charming Juliet and her Romeo, full of youthful energy, innocence, and passion.” – Cherry and Spoon

THE MATCHMAKER – Girl Friday Productions

  • “…Hopman and his sidekick, Barnaby Tucker, played by Vincent Hannam, offer the funniest physical comedy of the play…”Aisle Say Twin Cities
  • “…Vincent Hannam, the only unfamiliar face in the cast but fitting right in as the adorably naive youngster.” –
  • “His partner in adventure, Barnaby Tucker, is played by Vincent Hannam with charming naiveté.” – 

MEASURE FOR MEASURE – Classical Actors Ensemble

  • “The comedic element is led with crisp vibrancy by Hannam as the too-cocky-for-his own-good Lucio (James Cagney comes to mind)…” – Lavender Magazine

THE GHOST TRAIN – Wayward Theatre Company and Mission Theatre Company

  • “Nissa Nordland Morgan and Vincent Hannam (Charles and Peggy Murdock), the newlyweds, are adorable and fun, as they clearly are comfortable and having a good time with one another.” – Minnesota Playlist


  • “Highlights in the cast include… Vincent Hannam as the adorably awkward Mr. Ferrars (and his brother).” – Cherry and Spoon

COME BLOW YOUR HORN – Alhambra Theatre & Dining

  • “The cast is uniformly excellent… the Baker brothers are played by Alan Kaster and Vincent Hannam, who create a genuine brotherly bond on stage.” – The Florida Times-Union
  • “He shares good chemistry with Vincent Hannam (Buddy), whose near-constant state of panic complements Alan’s debonair demeanor.” – Ponte Vedra Recorder

ALMOST, MAINE – The Paul Bunyan Playhouse

  • “Carol Foose, Diana Jurand, Nic Delcambre and Vincent Hannam, share some 19 roles and do a fine job with each one. In every character, they manage to evoke an intensity of feeling in these glimpses of love, life and loss…” – Bemidji Pioneer

WOMEN BEWARE WOMEN – Classical Actors Ensemble

  • “The character’s dangerously naive, not to mention, obsessive husband (Vincent Hannam in a fittingly man-child portrayal) is oblivious to how the insatiable Duke of Florence… is a cunning predator of attractive women.” – Lavender Magazine


  • “The rest of the supporting players, R. M. Fury, Vincent Hannam, and especially Dane Cruz, as both bus station ticket men, create the needed natural compliment allowing the story to roll along.”



SHARKNAMI: THE MUSICAL? – Orlando International Fringe Festival

  • “The good news is, it’s really quite entertaining, well put together and boasts catchy music by John DeLisa and a solid book by Vincent Hannam.” – Orlando Sentinel

FRANKENSTEIN – 3rd Act Theatre Company

  • “The author of this latest version is an actor and promising young playwright, Vincent Hannam… Hannam’s adaptation re-creates the sensations experienced by movie-goers in the black and white era of Hollywood nearly 100 years ago.OK Art Scene and Hurd

FRANKENSTEIN – Hampstead Stage Company

  • “… this adaptation by Vincent Hannam honors the spirit of Mary Shelley…” – Caught in the Act
  • “…Frankenstein is a play with only two actors, specific elements are stripped down to their basics: locations and characters integral to the story are presented quickly yet in such a manner that the narrative unfolds itself in a smooth and deliberate fashion… it’s an expurgated production but not a choppy one, sacrificing none of the critical elements necessary to tell a good story.” – Caught in the Act

LOOKING FOR FUN(BAGS) – Minnesota Fringe Festival

  • “The tone of Looking for Fun(Bags) is a mix between Kevin Smith and Neil LaBute…” – The Tangential
  • “It’s a farce that fits with the Judd Apatow style of comedy while still having a sentimental and even romantic side.” – Audience Review
  • “Four ace actors with fantastic timing and stage presence and a script that’s tight and fast paced.” – Audience Review

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The Trip to Bountiful; Directed by Stephanie Yankwitt. Hangar Theatre
The Trip to Bountiful; Directed by Stephanie Yankwitt. Hangar Theatre

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