Wrestling the Imagination Out of My Head

Wrestling the imagination out of my head is what I'm doing when I write a play. It is a gargantuan task to do that, by the way, and I carry no pretense of inborn ability. Like any other craft, playwriting takes years of finding just the right blend of failure, enthusiasm and discipline. I have … Continue reading Wrestling the Imagination Out of My Head


Press Release: Mary’s Wedding

From the Fillmore County Journal  by News Team Saturday, March 7th, 2015 LANESBORO, MINN. —The Commonweal Theatre Company proudly presents the capstone production of the 2014 Apprentice Company, Mary’s Wedding playing March 19 through March 29. From Canadian playwright Stephen Massicotte, Mary’s Wedding tells the story of a young couple named Charlie and Mary who are … Continue reading Press Release: Mary’s Wedding